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Atlanta may not be home of famous basketball or football teams but it is a great place for Golf enthusiast.

8 of the Best Places to Visit in Miami in 2022

Miami continues to be a top draw amongst tourists eyeing a beach vacation in the USA. The city’s unwavering energy, a happening nightlife scene, Artsy neighborhoods and the sprawling white-sand Miami Beach are a few reasons why people love holidaying as you can find best places for snorkeling in Miami. The southern Florida powerhouse is also a cultural Mecca due to its rich heritage. In this article, we share a few interesting places that are a must-visit on your Miami trip. Since many people visit Miami throughout the year, traveling to the city can be an expensive affair if you do not plan ahead and book your Miami flights early.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is not just a beach, but it is an amalgamation of colorful neighborhoods and sandy stretches along the oceanfront. One of Miami’s major entertainment hubs, the Miami Beach features a number of shops, hotels, restaurants and skyscrapers like Celino and Carlyle with various amenities for fun. The Art Deco buildings on the Ocean Drive are a popular sight in Miami.  

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

One of Miami’s famous attractions, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is world-renowned for its amazing architecture, lush green gardens and extraordinary artwork. Promising a lot to art connoisseurs, this Renaissance-style villa features unique furniture and European artworks, some of them dating back to the 15th century. The maze in the gardens is a great place to enjoy a picnic with the family.

Everglades National Park

A short distance away from Miami, the Everglades National Park is a natural treasure worth visiting. Spread in millions of acres, the shallow swampland is home to crocodiles, alligators, birds and a variety of snakes. You can spot this wildlife by strolling along the park’s boardwalks or walking trails. Visitors can also opt for an airboat tour of the park. If you want to spend less on Miami tickets, you can find deals on last minute flights, so try booking plane tickets to an alternate airport near Miami like Fort Lauderdale.

Wynwood Arts District

The Wynwood Arts District, which lies a short distance away from downtown Miami is home to more than 30 art galleries and studio spaces. Every second Saturday’s of the month are reserved for the district’s famous art walk when you can look forward to state-of-the-art exhibitions. MOCA at Goldman Warehouse, Margulies Collection and Rubell Family Collection are some of the main attractions here. If art lovers can manage cheap plane tickets and an affordable room in Miami, then they are in for some great savings.

Little Havana

Little Havana is the best place to experience Miami’s Cuban Culture. The famous Calle Ocho neighborhood offers Foodies strong Cuban coffee along with a hearty meal of black beans and rice. Tourists can also visit the Maximo Gomez Park for a game of dominos or chess with the locals or have a stroll along the main street which features a Walk of fame dedicated to Latino artists.

Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace is a stunning outdoor mall overlooking Miami’s waterfront. You can shop from a variety of specialty shops or just soak in the electric atmosphere here. Daily live entertainment shows and multiple cafes and restaurants add to the vibe of this cool place.

Coral Castle


The Coral Castle designed by Latvian American artist Edward Leedskalninand is made from 1100 tons of coral rock, making it a stunning work of art. Many visitors to the castle are left dumbstruck, wondering how the designer accomplished this massive feet all on his own. If you are visiting with family, this is a must-visit.

Art Week Miami

The buzzing Miami art week is one of the hottest events in Miami’s annual Calendar, featuring a number of art exhibitions, brilliant artworks and fabulous artists; all under one roof. Live shows and engrossing installations at the venue will keep visitors hooked for hours. Miami’s local food and beverages add the much-needed spice to this art event.


Best Destinations In the United States To Visit For Sports Lovers

Sports unite people irrespective of their language, political inclination, economic conditions, and more. It breaks barriers and brings in competition, which leads to excitement, drama and involves a lot of emotions. And when you combine Travelling and Sports, there is nothing more exciting. If you are a sports enthusiast, a sports vacation to some of the ultimate sports cities should definitely be on your bucket list. To make your choice easy, we have listed some of the best cities to vacay in if you are a Sports Freak:

Chicago, Illinois

A destination that promises a lot for sports lovers, Chicago is one of the most vibrant and passionate sports cities in the world.

Chicago is the home of some of the most legendary sports teams in the world, and hence this place is a must for every sports freak. Get yourself clicked at the Wrigley Baseball Field (the most iconic ballpark in the US), grab your tickets for a visit to the world-famous Field of Dreams in Lowa. In fact, you should not call yourself a Sports Fan if you don’t spectate a live match while being in Chicago. Chicago is a host of a number of major sports events like the American football league, which keeps the Chicagoans busy during the spring season. USA’s most loved game, basketball, is a major attraction all around the year, so you may grab a ticket for a Bulls match and experience the thrill by getting on the verge of your seat. And if you plan to visit in the Snowy Winter season, then a derby match between the north side’s Cubs and the south side’s White Sox will be a treat to watch.    

New York City, New York

A paradise for the sports lover, the evergreen New York is the headquarters for several leagues like the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL. The city is the home of the most loved baseball team in the world, the Yankees, who do not need any introduction. To make it a thrilling vacation, you should definitely catch a game at the Madison Square Garden or the Yankee Stadium. If you want to explore and get into details of the NY Sports Culture, visit America’s oldest professional sports Hall of Fame Museum and The National Baseball Hall of Fame which is celebrating its 77th anniversary this year. You can also visit the Heroes of Baseball at the Baseball Wax Museum to experience the legacy of some of the legends of the game. And if you visit it during the tennis season then you can grab a ticket to the world-famous US Open Tennis grand slam and witness the legends of tennis battling it out at the Flushing Meadows.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a perfect destination for all those looking for a sports vacation. The city is the home of some to the greatest and most talented Basketball teams, such as the Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Kings. You can grab a ticket and watch them live any time of the year. Apart from being home of some great teams, Los Angeles also has some world-renowned stadiums that you should not miss out if in LA. Starting from the Dodgers Stadium where you can enjoy watching the LA Dodgers or grab a seat and watch the greatest wrestling entertainment show at the Staples Center and many other historic Stadiums and Museums which will definitely make you a more intense Sports Freak. Los Angeles is also the home of the greatest MLS team, the LA Galaxy. So you can enjoy a lot of professional sports when staying in LA.

Dallas, Texas

Home of the most valued NFL team, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas is a dream destination of US football lovers and a prime spot for a Sports Vacation. You can also enjoy an NBA game of the Mavericks and cheer for the legends while in Dallas. Apart from this Dallas in the recent years has been the host of the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the NBA Finals. You can also visit the National Cowboy Museum and the Texas Hall of Fame to know more about the sports culture of this beautiful city.

Boston, Massachusetts

There are only a few places in the world that are as good as a sports destination as Boston. The city has almost all the major sports activities such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey that make it one of the most happening sporting cities in the world. Boston is home to the Boston Bruins, the most successful ice hockey team in the world, New England Patriots one of the greatest football teams, and the Boston Celtics basketball team, a winner of 17 NBA titles. You can also visit the world-renowned Fenway Park, one of the most recognized sports parks which also offers different ways to explore the Stadium and also know about the legends who played there.

Atlanta, Georgia

A city that is the epitome of the USA’s sports history. You can relieve the 1996 Olympic Summer Games by paying a visit to the US most historical Centennial Olympic Park. Atlanta may not be home of famous basketball or football teams but it is a great place for Golf enthusiast. The city’s Augusta National Course is the home of the biggest Golf grand slam, the Master’s Gold Tournament, where legends of the game take part and it will be a treat for every sports lover to watch them live. Apart from this you can also visit the Mercedes Benz Arena, the host of the 2019 Super bowl and an architectural master class.

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